NXT-PC-HMI (v.1.4)

Do your NXT-Display is sometimes too small?

Do you want to see what's going on in your program?


The NXT-PC-HMI let you see what the nxt sends to the computer and you can send messages to the NXT. Your NXT can send special commands to get functions from a computer.

Let me know if you need some functions!

You may connect the NXT via Bluetooth or USB.


Getting started

Download and extract the files in the folder of your choice.

If you want to test all functions download the example-test.rxe file to the NXT.

Start the example-test on the NXT and start the NXT-PC-HMI.exe (PC)

Make sure your NXT is connectet via USB or Bluetooth with the PC. (cable)

Click the connect button and wait until the led turns green.

Bluetooth may take a while to connect!

Set the Inbox to Mailbox 2.

Now you can write something into the PC to NXT field and click send.

The NXT should return the message and you can see it in the NXT to PC field.

If that works you can try the command: "getTime". The current Time should be shown on the NXT Display.

1. Downloadhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/d5nm1qruvex9c7r/NXT-PC-HMI.rar

2. Use the installere to install the software!

3. Then download the newest update below!

4. Delete all files in your NXT-PC-HMI folder and extract the new files into the folder
This is the newest version; upload date: 07.April.2013
compressed file archive 2.4 MB



I included the source code of the example-test.rxe. 

I think it will be self-explanatory for NXC programmer's.

This is a example-program; how to make your own commands on the NXT:



Text Document 1.1 KB


You can use the send and revice message block to communicate with the computer.

Keep in mind that the PC is always the master; so the PC will always establish the connection.


getTime                  get current system time in format hh:mm:ss

getTimeRaw          get current system time in format hhmmss

getDate                   get current system date in format dd:mm:yyyy

getDateRaw           get current system date in format ddmmyyyy

getDb                       get current sound pressure level in db(A) change the number "Microdevice"                                                       if you get an error or 0db

keylog                      start keylogger

nxtmouse                 start nxtmouse program

keylog+nxtmouse   start keylogger+ nxtmouse in one program 


check readme for the new commands




start_""                     start a program on the nxt, example: start_example.rxe

stop_                        stop current program

keylog                      start keylogger

nxtmouse                start nxtmouse program

keylog+nxtmouse  start keylogger+ nxtmouse in one program





added: command "getDb", scroll bars, NXT name field, automatic              

              word wrap to example.nxc (thx to Marcel/NXT pro)

fixed: name



added: command "start_", "stop_", "keylog", automatically text scroll, enter = send, keylogger,                  disconnect button, versions-info   new examples for nxc



added: command "getTimeRaw", "getDateRaw", "nxtmouse", "keylog+nxtmouse".                                      nxtmouse, short in-program-description.           

             new example for "use the pc mouse on the nxt display"   

fixed: performance, error handle, faster streaming for usb.



added: check for update-, help- button, command: httpGET/PUT, cmdLine, putFile, getFile      fixed:  bugs

Please send me your own suggestions.


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